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This photo is what it looks like when you are using a rangefinder- another tool that we use for hunting. It tells you the distance between yourself and an object. It is one of the first things you do as you get situated in your stand/blind. As we practice with our bow, we know the distance of each pin that is in the scope.

When we don’t implement these strategies, we will miscalculate and not get our prey.

In my Christian journey with Jesus, I think of miscalculations that I can make that get me off track. If I don’t use strategies like: quiet time, listening, praying, reading my Bible, and gathering with other believers, I can miss the mark of what God has for me. The scarier thing is to miscalculate Satan’s schemes in my life by not recognizing when he is closing in on me. I pray for my “spiritual rangefinder” to keep Jesus close and Satan far away.

God tells us in multiple books of the Bible that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Search the Bible and see how many places you can find this promise from Him. Even if we miscalculate, He is still with us.

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