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Motivational Speaker in Western PA

My passion for speaking is inspired from my many years of experiences.

Positioning me are the 35 years I worked in a variety of companies providing

strong skills in business administration which included 20 years at Indiana

University of Pa. I also am an alumnus from IUP. The many decades of being

a wife, mother and now grammy has given me life experiences to draw from

as well. Through my life’s journey I have committed to helping others in their

struggles, suffering and sorrows as I have had many myself. This has brought me to a solid belief and faith in Jesus Christ that I aim to share with all. As I release my knowledge through the messages that I deliver, people are inspired and empowered to be all that they are created to be.

I utilize illustrations from archery hunting as this is a shared activity that my

husband and I participate in together. Using the positioning, aiming and

releasing principles of shooting a bow and arrow lends itself well to setting us up for success in life. We're always looking forward to opportunities to connect with local churches and groups to share about the freedom we have in Christ and equip people to step into their God-given purpose.

Guest Speaking Opportunities + More


Drop us a line or two and Jackie will get back to you about speaking at your service or event,

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